This study proves the importance of educating the cat from an early age!

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This study proves the importance of educating the cat from an early age!

If the dog particularly likes to live with humans, but this is not exactly the case with cats. In fact, cats have no not undergone selection for’improve their ability to communicate and cooperate with a person. However, several studies show that they can recognize and act on subtle social cues from man. Therefore, thinking that these felines do not need training would be a mistake.

A child playing with a cat

Laurent Finka and Daniel Cummings, who work at Cats Protection, believe that pet training does not only facilitate cohabitation. More than that, this practice promotes animal welfare. Moreover, Laurent Finka gave more explanations in his article on The ConversationWhy you should train your cat – and how to do it ».

In a shelter, for example, education enables the cat to improve its positive reactions towards other individuals. The animal in question will thus have more chance of being adopted due to his friendlier demeanor.

So are kittens more receptive?

Every owner has an interest in establish a relationship of trust with her cat from the age of two weeks. Concretely, it must be exposed to softness and warm handling. The goal is to help him consider Men as friends and not as hostile individuals.

Fact, punishments such as violent handling, shouting or other aggression are to be banned. They only generate stress in the cat and deteriorate its relationship with its owner.

Furthermore, limited evidence supports that kittens pay particular attention to social cues humans. It would then be more likely that the cats are more willing to train when they are young.

The key to good training: compliments

Instead of punishments positive reinforcement help of compliments or treats is an excellent method. In addition to having demonstrated its efficiencythis method is also good for well-being pets. The owner can, among other things, train his cat with rewards to teach him to enter a transport cage alone.

However, the cat owner should always pay attention to the place where he educates his cat. The goal is to put the latter at his ease. Moreover, it must be free to distanceor evenstop the session whenever. Likewise, the owner should pay attention to the behavior of the cat. If he seems uncomfortable, it’s important to take a break.

Besides training, these felines also have need for stimulationas playing with chopsticks for cats. This particular practice teaches them not to attack people’s feet or hands.


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