Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Apple for its closed ecosystem

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Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Apple for its closed ecosystem

Big tech companies are putting a lot of effort into developing a virtual reality platform. This gave rise to a cold war between Meta and the Cupertino company. Recently, at Meta’s Connect conference, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that his company was ready to do battle with Apple because of their divergent approaches to virtual world design. Meta offers an open ecosystem while Apple’s is closed.

The CEO of Meta did not hesitate to criticize the mixed reality projects that the Californian company has not yet unveiled. For him, Apple’s approach could have a negative impact on the market if it keeps as much control over its VR headset as it does over its other products. ” I think one thing is pretty clear is that their motivations for doing the things they do aren’t as altruistic as they claim Zuckerberg said of Apple.


Zuckerberg has always disagreed with Apple’s approach

Zuckerberg warned that closed ecosystems drive most of the value and profits they generate for the platform owner. Indeed, these ecosystems focus on tight control and integration to create unique experiences and lockdown. This is in stark contrast to open approaches.

He also pointed out that Apple’s actions have hurt his business and he wasn’t just referring to virtual reality. He took aim at how Apple managed the App Store for the iPhone and iPad, where the only way to install apps on those devices is through the App Store. This forces companies like Facebook to submit its software for approval to Apple’s App Review department. This department pockets between 15% and 30% of all digital sales.

Openness is the solution

I strongly believe that an open and interoperable metaverse built by many different developers and companies will be better for everyone. supported the CEO of Meta. He is determined to do everything to build an open ecosystem for this next generation of the Internet.

To support his statements, Zuckerberg explained that Horizon Worlds is open because Meta has established partnerships with other companies such as Microsoft, Autodesk or Accenture. It also seems that Meta plans to collaborate with other companies for the manufacture of VR headsets.


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