Meta Quest Pro: the new VR headset is unveiled and gives fans an appointment for October 25!

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Meta Quest Pro: the new VR headset is unveiled and gives fans an appointment for October 25!

After a teasing phase that ultimately lasted nearly a year, the successor to the Oculus Quest 2, which later became Meta Quest 2, was unveiled on October 11, 2022. It was during Meta Connect 2022, the major annual conference organized by Facebook’s parent company.

Credit – Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is a much improved version of the Meta Quest 2. It benefits from a brand new processor as well as a new screen. Its design has been completely redesigned with controllers that have nothing to do with those found on the Meta Quest 2. The cameras integrated into the new VR headset are optimized for eye and face tracking. Here is an overview of the features of the new Meta Quest Pro which should have no trouble finding its audience.

A more ultra version of Meta Quest 2 which is aimed directly at professionals

In unveiling its new product, Meta didn’t really hide. Its virtual reality headset is intended primarily for businesses and the professional world. This also explains its price, which is almost four times higher than that of the Meta Quest 2.

In the design of the Meta Quest Pro, Meta opted for thinner lenses that provide better peripheral vision and more space under the helmet. The fabric straps that are found by default on the Quest 2 have been replaced by a padded plastic ring that is similar to the Elite Strap sold as an option on the other helmet.

Processor level, Meta chose the Snapdragon XR2 Plus recently announced by Qualcomm. This offers 50% additional power compared to the chip found in the Quest 2. In order to offer users optimal use of this computing power, the American company has added memory to its headphones. RAM of 12 GB, a storage memory of 128 GB as well as two very innovative LCD panels.

The LCD panels in question admittedly have a resolution of 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye like the Quest Pro. However, they offer 75% more contrast and 10% more pixels per degree of vision. When it comes to motion controllers, Meta opted for motion-tracking cameras, replacing LED rings. The company also opted to replace the AA batteries in the controllers with built-in rechargeable batteries.

Two brand new features

During the presentation, Facebook’s parent company highlighted two options that are not found on old virtual reality headsets.

The first is the set of inward-facing cameras that are able to track the user’s eyes and face. This allows the Quest Pro to detect any bad fit of the helmet. Subsequently, it activates foveal rendering which reduces processing needs by giving fine detail only where the eyes are directed. The camera set also has the ability to transmit the user’s facial expressions to their avatar.

The second is color video which is a mix between virtual reality and augmented reality. It gives users the opportunity to capture real-world images and transfer them into the virtual reality of the headset.

It should also be noted that compared to the Quest 2, the Quest Pro has less autonomy and is a little heavier. It will be available for sale in France at Amazon at FNAC and at Boulanger from October 25th. It is currently on pre-order on the Meta Store at a price of 1799 euros.

Source: The Verge

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