XPeng just demonstrated its X2 flying car in Dubai

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XPeng just demonstrated its X2 flying car in Dubai

The race to build the first flying cars continues. On the side of the Chinathe company XPeng, specializing in the manufacture of electric vehicles, has just passed an important milestone. XPeng is developing an eVTOL flying taxi in the shape of a drop of water, and it has just make a first public flight demonstration in Dubai.

XPeng’s flight demonstration has been announced by local media over the past few days. It took place on Monday, October 11 at Skydive Dubai in front of 150 spectators.

XPeng's X2 Flying Taxi
XPeng Credits

Before being able to carry out this demonstration, the spin-off company of XPeng which is called AeroHT had to get a special permit from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. This permit was obtained after a risk assessment process.

A very important step

For Brian Gu, president of Xpeng, the public demonstration of the X2 in Dubai represents “an important step for XPeng AeroHT and the realization of flying cars at the international level”.

He added that Dubai is known around the world as being “a city of innovation”. This is the reason why they decided to organize the first public flight of the X2 there.

The flying taxi X2

The flying taxi X2 is a totally electric vehicle that can carry 2 people. It has a carbon fiber fuselage and 8 rotors. The X2 was designed to be able to fly at altitudes reaching 1000 mwith a cruising speed of 130 km/h. It can stay in the air for up to 35 minutes after fully charged.

XPeng is already preparing for the future. Last year, the company revealed what would be the successor to the X2. This is a flying vehicle of 6th generation who will be able to travel in the air and on the roads. According to AeroHT, further details regarding this new machine will be unveiled shortly during the 1024 XPeng Tech Day which will take place towards the end of this month.

In the meantime, the following video shows the demonstration made by the X2 vehicle in Dubai.

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