Apple’s vice president of industrial design will step down

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Apple’s vice president of industrial design will step down

Apple in recent months has been very busy with the release of the latest generations of iPhones, its new Apple Watches as well as its recent AirPods. This list of big releases should be extended very soon with in particular the new iPad Pro and the update of the Apple TV 4 K.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

In the midst of all this good news, bad news will soon slip in. According to a Bloomberg report, Evans Hankey, Apple’s head of industrial design, will be stepping down very soon. Even if this time there is nothing to do with a video of poor taste, this new departure announcement is likely to make waves as well. This is undoubtedly a big blow for the brand in view of the important role it has played in the development of various Apple products.

An announcement that comes against all odds at Apple

Obviously, there was no sign of the announcement of the departure of one of Apple’s most influential design executives. Evans Hankey’s journey as head of Apple’s design studio will ultimately be shorter than expected.

As a reminder, Evans Hankey has been leading Apple’s industrial design team for only 3 years. His predecessor, Jony Ive, for example, spent nearly 20 years in the role before stepping down in 2019. One of Apple’s spokespersons commented on the unexpected departure by saying:

“The Apple design team brings together expert creatives from around the world and across many disciplines to imagine products that are unmistakably Apple. The senior design team is made up of leaders with decades of experience. Ms. Evans Hankey plans to stay on during the transition, and we would like to thank her for her leadership and contributions.”

The person concerned, however, promised that she would spend the next 6 months in her functions before leaving definitively. This decision, which comes against all odds, should leave a big hole in the organization chart of the company. As proof, Apple currently has no replacement on hand. With more than 20 years spent at Apple, Evans Hankey will leave a great void behind her. Today, more than a hundred patents (products or functions) bear his signature.

A departure synonymous with big changes at Apple?

It is difficult to quantify the impact of the departure of this influential executive from Apple. Admittedly, rumors suggest big changes at Apple, particularly with regard to product design. However, nothing really indicates this, because on the design side the brand has changed very little except on the MacBook Pro and the Apple Watch Ultra. Especially since Apple has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to bounce back. Even Steve Jobs could be replaced in the organization chart of the Cupertino company.

While waiting for more details on the identity of Evans Hankey’s successor, new things are to be expected at Apple. Indeed, the Cupertino company plans to release very soon the arrival on the market of new tablets. Also, one of Apple’s next big launches should be its mixed reality headset planned for 2023. Even if the departure of Evans Hankey is a blow for Apple, the successful brand should recover very quickly and continue to offer products that are always useful to its consumers.

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